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HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN)- When it comes to Christmas, the tree is a beacon of cheer. If you’re like the Griswolds looking for the perfect tree or just wanting to experience cutting down one yourself, the time to do it is now.

Last year was a big year for Christmas trees. Mike Pieton, with 7P Trees in Hubbard, said everyone came out early.

“Often last year to the point where a lot of the other tree farms closed up early,” Pieton said.

There’s been a lot of talk about a shortage of trees this year, which Doug Hundley from the National Christmas Tree Association said isn’t entirely accurate.

“We’ve never had a shortage of real trees. Everybody’s been able to find a real tree,” he said.

Hundley did say the market for Christmas trees has been tighter for several years as compared to the early 2000s.

“We literally had an oversupply between 2000 and 2015. The reason for the oversupply is we had literally planted too many trees and then we had the recession hit in ’08 and ’09,” he said.

A lot of tree farmers weren’t planting between 2008 and 2015. Hundley explained that the trees grow about a foot a year, so an 8-footer takes about eight years. He thinks the supply to demand ratio is healthier than in past years.

Hundley said cutting your own tree is better for the environment because it comes from nature and can be returned to nature.

“When you finish with them, it’s very easy in this country to get them chipped up into mulch and then you put them back into the ground,” Hundley said.

It’s not all about finding the perfect tree, though, memories made searching for it and cutting it down is part of the fun.

“Some are more beautiful than others, but it’s what you make of it when you harvest it,” Hundley said.

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