Election day preparations underway in counties all over the area

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Counties all over the area are preparing for election day. Many have already reported high numbers from early voting.

In Mahoning County, early voting numbers are rolling in. 

So far the numbers are up to 30,300, some still trickling in. Of those, 7,420 walked into the building and voted in person.

However, if you haven’t voted yet, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday. Polls open at 6:30 a.m. 

“We’re still processing. Opening and scanning those absentee ballots that we’ll do late into tonight,” said Tom McCabe from the Mahoning County Board of Elections.

Workers check every single envelope to make sure they didn’t miss a ballot. The ballots are then sorted into piles, and eventually scanned.

There are 74 polling locations in Mahoning County, all of them have to be set up by Tuesday. That includes moving furniture and setting up electronic scanners and voting booths.

“We could be back anywhere from 8 to midnight this evening,” said warehouse assistant Jim Lloyd.

While Lloyd and his team get polling locations ready, the Board of Election is also getting last minute poll workers ready. With 900 of them, McCabe says some call offs are inevitable. 

McCabe expects workers to finish around 9 p.m. Monday night. Then they’ll be back in Tuesday at 5 in the morning

Everything’s ready for election day in Western Pennsylvania Tuesday. 

There’s only one local question on the ballot in Mercer County, that’s in Wheatland. 

Everyone else will vote on governors, representatives and senators. 

Elections director Jeff Greenburgh says on top of everything else, he’s keeping an eye on the weather. Strong storms are in the forecast with damaging winds and possible power outages.

“If we had a situation lets say, where a power outage even a widespread power outage, impacted precincts, we might have to seek a court order to extend voting hours,” Greenburgh said.

However, Greenburg says that hasn’t happened in recent history and he hopes it won’t happen Tuesday.

In Ohio, more than 1.3 million absentee ballots have been cast. Here are some other statewide numbers: 

  • 8,070,917 Ohioans are registered to vote.
  • 1,062,241 voters have requested an absentee ballot by mail as of Monday.
  • Of those, 884,323 have been cast.
  • 429,521 voters have requested and cast an absentee ballot in person as of today.
  • 9,790 military & overseas voters have requested an absentee ballot as of today.
  • Of those, 5,356 have been cast.

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