East Liverpool neighbors create Facebook group to drop off items, treats to each other

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Women will message one of the women who run the page to find out who needs what

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – In East Liverpool, a group of women has come up with a way to put smiles on faces. They buy treats, sometimes bags of groceries, and leave them on front porches.

“It’s just a lot of happiness, which is needed right now,” said co-organizer Alicia Brewer.

Brewer is part of a Facebook group that consists of 30-40 local women. It started out very simple.

“Post something you like to drink. There was coffee, bottles of wine, whatever, and then another random mom would comment, ‘I got you,’ and they would deliver it,” she said.

In just one week, it blew up to over 1,000 people in the group. But with everyone posting their addresses, the group had to be shut down due to safety concerns.

So, Brewer and a few other women started another group and capped it at 150 people.

“There’s a document that you fill out when you join that has your name, address, if there’s anyone you don’t want to have your address, what kind of things you like, what your kids like,” Brewer said.

As of Thursday morning, Brewer said there are over 130 people in the group. Women will message one of the people who run the page and deliver things to other women.

“In the last couple of days, I’ve had several messages from different moms and different girls in the group that just say, ‘Hey, send me four people or send me three people. I want to go do some runs today,” Brewer said.

Delivering things like baskets with drinks, food, toys and treats for the kids, along with self-care items.

“Today, they posted they had groceries anonymously delivered to their house, like a whole order of groceries. So it’s been awesome to watch everyone come together for each other,” Brewer said.

If you’re interested in joining, the group has a very specific name.

“Somebody went in and changed the name to ‘Carole Baskin Porch Drop.’ It stuck because everyone is stuck on the ‘Tiger King,'” Brewer said.

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