EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – East Liverpool has a history when it comes to the world of pottery. The town’s Historical Society is trying to get some of the older pottery back, some dating as far back as the late 1800s.

The C.C. Thompson House sits on the corner of Walnut Avenue in East Liverpool. It was home to pottery maker Cassius C. Thompson. He started in the business in the late 1860s and passed it on to his kids until 1938.

“This was a really busy neighborhood at one time and we’re kind of the last outpost,” said Tim Brookes, president of the East Liverpool Historical Society.

The Thompson family would make dinnerware, also known at that time as toilet wear.

“Toilet wear was pitchers and bowls and combinets and thunder mugs and all that kind of stuff,” Brookes said.

Now, the Historical Society is asking the public for help. They would like to get as much of the Thompson pottery back to display. The idea came to them when they were renovating the house.

“Come to find out that there was no Thompson pottery in this house,” Brookes said.

There are two different types of stamps on the pottery, one that spells out the name Thompson and another with a star.

They’ve been able to find some of the pieces online.

“This particular set, it’s my understanding that it was in Colorado,” Brookes said. “We’re not looking for every piece of Thompson-ware ever made but we would like to have a bit more complete representative sample.”

Things such as serving bowls.

They would also like them to be in good condition.

“It allows us to tell a fuller story of this family and this history of East Liverpool, certainly the history of the Thompson house and basically make it more interesting to people that tour here,” Brookes said.

If you wish to donate, call the C.C. Thompson House at 330-385-2550.