E. Liverpool leaders threatened after ordering political yard signs be taken down

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East Liverpool officials received several threats in response to a post that went viral on Facebook about the signs

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) — A recent Facebook post is causing concern for East Liverpool officials.

On Tuesday, residents on the 300 block of Blakely Street in East Liverpool came home to notices on their doors.

“They were door knocker notices that were left on homes that still had dated election, political materials on their homes. We just wanted to try and talk with the residents and see what their intent was with the signs,” said East Liverpool Planning Director Kayla Crowl.

Several of the homes have signs and flags supporting President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The city ordinance states that political signs, local or national, are allowed up to 30 days prior to an election and have to be taken down 10 days after an election.

“I wanna educate people. I’m not here to start controversy or anything like that. Just make people aware,” Crowl said.

Since the notices were given out, East Liverpool officials have received several threats in response to a post that surfaced on Facebook about the signs.

“They told us they were gonna flood the office, be in our office. Let us know really how they feel about this matter,” Crowl said.

The post shows the notice from the East Liverpool Planning Department and a picture of the political signs. It’s been shared more than 200 times and now the city is getting calls from all over.

“We have been receiving calls from places that I never thought I’d get calls, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, people saying things that my staff, my zoning inspector should be fired. There have been physical threats on that Facebook telling people to put boots where they don’t belong,” Crowl said.

The city is working with the law director to see what action they can take in regards to the signs and the threats being made.

“We’re just trying to beautify the city and being respectful to your neighbors and respectful to your own property. Putting that image out there is a huge key in us moving forward in beautifying the entire city,” Crowl said.

Neighbors say the notices are ridiculous and they refuse to take them down.

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