Donald Trump visits Canfield Fair on Labor Day

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CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The six-day run of the Canfield Fair is now over, and history will see it as the fair the presidential campaign took over.

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden stopped by the fair. Monday, Donald Trump took it over, he spent about 1 hour 20 minutes in the fairgrounds.

Twelve of those minutes were seen by the public, nine on his walk to the Republican Party tent and the other three minutes outside the administration building, where he spent the majority of his time.

His plane landed at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna around 1:45 p.m.

Director of Aviation Dan Dickten said airport administration had been working with the U.S. Secret Service to assure security for the visit. Security began tightening around the hanger off of Ridge Road where Donald Trump would be arriving. A Vienna cruiser blocked the driveway as state troopers on motorcycles watched the road.

A small crowd waited to catch a glimpse.

“So we took the longer way home to see if we could get a shot of the plane, and that’s what we did,” said Tiovli Barbe of Brookfield.

But as the motorcade left the airport for the Canfield Fair just after 2:30 p.m., all people could see was a wave from vice presidential nominee Mike Pence.

Shortly after 3 p.m. Trump’s motorcade arrived at the Canfield Fair. Both sides of the midway were lined with people, a crowd estimated at 20,000 had stopped by to see the Republican nominee for president.

Then the motorcade stopped and Trump appeared, dressed in a suit and tie and surrounded by secret service. He made his way through the fair shaking hands and waving.

Along with Pence, they turned left, stopping to hear the shouts for Trump. Trump made his way past stands selling steak sandwiches, lemon shakes and fries, acknowledging the crowd along the way.

Trump and Pence eventually made their way to the tent of the Mahoning County Republican Party, and for the moment, that was as far as people could get.

We lost sight of Trump and Pence for the few minutes they were inside the tent.

“I welcomed him to the fair and he said, ‘Mahoning County, you guys are doing great.’ He came on inside the tent, he shook a lot of hands, did some autographs,” Mahoning County GOP Chairman Mark Munroe said.

One of those autographs ended up on the hat of Ken Emerick, a Republican volunteer.

“I put my hat on, he signed the brim of my hat, and what a fantastic guy,” Emerick said.

When Trump exited the tent, he was handed a bullhorn and addressed the crowd for 25 seconds.

“We’re going to bring jobs back to Ohio, we’re going to bring jobs back to the country. We’re not going to make these horrible trade deals anymore. We’ll bring our jobs back. Thank you everybody, I love you, thank you,” Trump said.

From the Republican Party tent, Trump was put back in the motorcade and driven a quarter mile to the administration building, where he spent about 45 minutes being interviewed by David Muir of ABC News.

Apparently, Trump wasn’t supposed to do the interview in the administration building.

“That caught us by surprise, welcomed, but a surprise … it was whirlwind,” said George Roman, a Canfield Fair board member.

When Trump left the building he stood on his SUV and waved again to the crowd, and again he was handed a bullhorn.

“We’ll bring your jobs back to Ohio, thank you,” he said.

He then headed back to his motorcade around 4:15 p.m. to go back to the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. By 5:45 p.m. he was back at the airport, his plane back in the air, off to his next campaign stop.

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