Dogs bite postal worker in Youngstown, sending him to hospital

Local News

A postal worker went to the hospital on Friday after he was bitten several times by two dogs in Youngstown.

The mailman was delivering on North Garland Avenue when a dog pushed through a gate and bit the worker several times on the forearm, according to the Postal Service.

A neighbor tried to intervene, hitting the dog with a broom to get it to run away. That neighbor, Kasina Flowers, said the owner’s other dog had also followed the bigger dog.

“I ended up breaking a broom on them, so I tried as hard as I could. It was bad enough,” she said. 

The dogs eventually ran away, and Flowers began to help the carrier. She said she noticed a cut on his arm and two cuts above it. 

“I was trying to apply pressure onto his wounds so it didn’t bleed as bad, but there was just blood everywhere,” she said. “I had to squirt down the front yard. His van was covered in blood. It was insane.” 

The Dog Warden came and took the animals, according to Flowers. 

It’s not the first time that a postal worker has been bitten. Last year, over 6,000 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in the U.S.

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