YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Millions of people wear contact lenses, but in October, some people who normally don’t will put them in their eyes.

It’s people who want a spooky look to coincide with Halloween.

The Ohio affiliate of Prevent Blindness recommends getting a fitting for those lenses and making sure the contacts fit. Even though the lens is not being worn to correct vision, it still has to fit and needs the correct care so it doesn’t hurt your eye.

“That’s the setting that we worry about a little bit. You have a naive wearer, attempting something that they don’t usually do. They don’t know where to find the correct and proper fitting or the correct and proper process to purchase a lens. I can’t emphasize that enough,” said Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a professor of ophthalmology.

Steineman also believes the risk goes up for people who have not ever worn contacts or it’s been a long time since they put them in their eyes.