Doctor: Keep an eye on your health with big temperature changes

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Go easy on your body when it starts to get warm

SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – On Saturday, temperatures go near the 70’s, but Sunday they have fallen to the upper 30’s. With these massive changes, First News wants to know if it could affect your health.

“When it does go from warmer to cooler, we do know that the common cold of rhinovirus can spread or can grow,” said Dr. Mike Sevilla of Salem Family Practice.

The rhinovirus is the virus which causes a person to catch the common cold, but even temperatures going from cold to warm can play an affect on someone’s health.

“When it does get a little bit warmer, they do get a little bit of runny nose, watery eyes,” said Dr. Sevilla.

As for senior citizens, they may want to stay more aware of the weather.

“My older patients I get worried about during these temperature changes because they also have an immune system as people who are younger,” Dr. Sevilla said. “So, it’s very important for them, if they start to have any of these type of symptoms–fever, cough, headache, sinus pressure–to get that checked out because that can process to a more severe infection, like pneumonia or something like that.

Patients may want to watch their kids closer if they start to get sick.

“Kids, even the younger kids, can be susceptible to illness because their immune systems are still developing,” Dr. Sevilla said.

He also says if there is any concern, to contact your doctor.

One last tip for when it finally does get warm is to go easy on your body.

“When we do get a little bit warmer, maybe they do too much activity when they really shouldn’t when their body is not used to it,” Dr. Sevilla said.

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