CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The Support Canfield Schools Committee wants to make sure that city residents know about a bond levy on the ballot.

Committee members say there has been confusion as to whether the proposed levy would be on this week’s ballot.

Sunday, a pasta dinner was held at the high school to remind voters it will be on the ballot Tuesday.

The district wants to build a new elementary and middle school building on 100 acres of farmland southwest of the city. The development agreement between the district and the city for the Red Gate Farm property, where the schools would be built, is in place until June 2023.

Committee Chairwoman Betsy Ahlquist said the money is needed to help improve the school district.

“Several of our buildings, one of them is over 100 years old. They have leaking ceilings. They are just falling apart, and from a financial standpoint and from an educational status, we all stand to benefit by having a new building to offer our children,” Ahlquist said.

If approved, the bond would bring in $107 million over a 37-year span, with $85 million going toward the construction of the new school and garage. The remaining $20 million will go toward renovating the high school, including safety upgrades, roofing, new heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as foundation improvements.

The passage of the bond will qualify the district for a state match of approximately $10 million, according to the committee.