LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A decision made Tuesday afternoon in Lordstown could very possibly have stopped the construction of a proposed second power plant. It all has to do with water.

The Lordstown Energy Center power plant sits along Route 45 in Lordstown. Just south of it, Bill Siderewicz, owner of Clean Energy Future, wants to spend another billion dollars to build a second plant called the Trumbull Energy Center.

The decision on whether Warren or Niles would provide the water to TEC was made during a meeting Tuesday afternoon by Lordstown’s Board of Public Affairs.

Marty Loney, president of the building trades unions, supported Warren.

“It means quite a few jobs for the rest of us. We’re talking over 2 million man-hours,” said Loney.

Niles, through the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District, provides 95% of Lordstown’s current water supply so the MVSD’s Chief Engineer, Mike McNinch, supported Niles.

“If you go with Niles, if you go with MVSD, you are benefitting everybody. All your existing customers, all your future customers,” said McNinch.

But Siderewicz wants the water to come from Warren and in a memo to the board titled why MVSD is a Non-Starter for Trumbull Energy Center, one line read: “A new water plan at this late date would have both investors/lenders walking away from TEC.”

“There’s a sandwich before us. We can decide to eat this sandwich or we can throw this sandwich away,” said Board President Kevin Campbell.

Campbell made a motion that the board accepts Warren but there was no second or no comment from members Michael Sullivan or Christopher Peterson, so awarding the water deal to Warren was defeated.

“I think that’s a sad day in the village of Lordstown,” said Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill.

Hill called it a shame that some board members wouldn’t even comment on their decisions.

“We took a hit when General Motors left, and I think that the Board of Public Affairs is being very short-sighted on this issue,” said Hill.

Richard Hale represents Niles on the Board of the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District.

“I guess the biggest question we have right now is why this plant is contingent on receiving Warren water when the city of Niles and MVSD is in the perfect position right now to provide that water to Lordstown,” said Hale.

Hill said the company was ready to break ground on the second plant this summer but now believes the plant is dead. Siderewicz said Tuesday’s action “stops” Trumbull Energy Center from being built. Siderewicz said he will not take the matter to court. He said it was “just like Ultium 2 — left town.”