Water main breaks in Boardman and Canfield create problems for neighbors

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Crews worked to fix two water main breaks off of Route 224 Wednesday

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Crews worked to fix two water main breaks off of Route 224 Wednesday. One is in Boardman on Southern Blvd. and the other is in Canfield on Talsman Drive, at the McDonald’s on 224.

Before 11 a.m., crews shut the gas off at a house on Southern Blvd. There was also some water running down the sidewalk.

Laina Zack had water in her basement. A neighbor called to tell her they were having flooding issues and when Zack checked her basement, she found six inches of water.

“It has been a very emotional, stressful morning,” Zack said.

Around noon, there was traffic on Southern Blvd. The road was marked down to one lane between Southern and California Ave.

Crews were pumping water from the ground after finding the broken water pie.

Zack has lived along Southern Boulevard for 14 years. Her dad grew up in the house during the 50s. She’s experienced flood damage before and is growing tired of it.

“It’s hard to pay $40,000 to repair a basement to prevent all of this from happening. So, yeah, I would say it is a problem,” Zack said.

Three houses away, Hannah Aponte woke up to the sound of water. At first, she thought something had broken.

“I went downstairs to check it out, and it was just coming out of the ground where everything goes into. I knew it wasn’t us. Something else was wrong,” she said.

Aponte said the water was spewing out for an hour and it was up to her shins when she waded in.

“I was trying to get stuff out. what’s the first thing I can grab that is important,” she said.

Aponte admits getting a small shock when unplugging something but was thankful much of the stuff was in totes, limiting damage to electronics and furniture. She says someone told her a water line broke on Route 224 and that it was affecting some homes on Southern Boulevard.

“I’m really frustrated because we do pay insurance, so I hope that it is covered,” Aponte said.

In Canfield, a two-inch water line broke that runs off of the main eight-inch line. It happened along Talsman Road.

The crew fixing the break did its best to keep pressure in the bigger line while fixing the smaller one.

The repairs limited traffic to one lane on Talsman Road but didn’t close the street.

The City of Canfield posted to its Facebook page that residents in the area may experience lower water pressure or no water at all.

Anyone with a blue hang tag on their front door will be under a 48-hour boil notice.

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