YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Earlier this week, a sinkhole shut down part of Canfield Road. Now, the city of Youngstown has some answers as to how much longer drivers will have to deal with frustrating detours.

The sinkhole is expected to close Arden Boulevard and Canfield Road for one to two weeks. Even the freezing temperatures on Friday didn’t stop crews from digging up the sewer lines in need of repairs.

Youngstown’s deputy director of public works, Chuck Shasho, says crews have had to replace about 100 feet of sewer.

“We’re setting a manhole now, we are yet to get into that very deep section of sewer that will slow down a little bit,” Shasho says. “I do expect that to be wrapped up and the road open within two weeks.”

Shasho says while the temperatures slow his crews down, he’s grateful for the work they’re doing to finish this project.

Because of this sinkhole’s location there are a few posted detours. The Ohio Department of Transportation has even helped with some road closures.

“The best situation would be, if you want to find an alternate route, to keep those on city streets,” Shasho says.

He asks everyone for patience while dealing with this closure.