Crestview Schools’ first day of virtual classes affected by weather, outages

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Friday was the first of Crestview Local School's virtual days where students, even if they chose to come back in person for the year, would learn from home

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – Columbiana was hit pretty hard by the rain and wind Thursday, and for students in the Crestview Local School District, it made their virtual classes even more challenging.

“We know we have to shift this year, depending what the virus allows us to do. We just didn’t plan on it day three,” said Superintendent Matthew Manley.

Friday was the first of Crestview Local Schools’ virtual days where students, even if they chose to come back in person for the year, would learn from home.

But for some after Thursday’s storm, they couldn’t log on for class.

“Parts of our community are without power and internet, so there you are, you’re going remote, and some of the kids couldn’t get there,” Manley said.

He says some teachers couldn’t get in touch with students, and other teachers couldn’t log on themselves.

Manley also says they put out calls to their Crestview families Friday, telling them not to stress over missing assignments or classes.

“If you have roof damage or a tree fell on your house, your work doesn’t matter at that point. As much as I believe school is–it’s all important–it’s not that important,” Manley said.

He says that Thursday’s storm on top of the COVID-19 pandemic procedures is just another example about how schools need to be ready to adapt to anything at any time.

Especially for working families, who don’t have the flexibility when these changes happen so suddenly.

“This isn’t easy on our families. At 5:30 in the morning, go figure out where to put my kindergartener. It’s never easy on a snow day, and this time of year, we would never expect that,” Manley said.

He says that any Crestview families that are still experiencing power outages or internet troubles should reach out to their child’s reacher or a school administrator and all their work can be made up.

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