COVID trends in Ohio and Pa. show decline following spike

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We are not yet seeing any big increases in either cases or deaths because of Christmas


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – There was a big surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths after Thanksgiving, and we’ve heard health officials were worried the same thing would happen after Christmas.

We are not yet seeing any big increases in either cases or deaths because of Christmas. But keep in mind after Thanksgiving, we really started seeing the increases two to three weeks after the holiday. It hasn’t even been two weeks yet since Christmas, so the next two weeks is when we’ll really see if a spike occurs.Union leader says many Ohio nursing home workers reluctant to get COVID-19 vaccine 

Four weeks ago, nearly 70,000 new cases were reported. That’s a little more than two weeks after Thanksgiving. Two weeks ago, there was a significant decrease to 45,000 new cases. A bit of a rise this past week to 52,000 but still not close to what it was four weeks ago.

There were nearly 600 new deaths in Ohio three weeks ago. Then, it fell back to 470, and this past week 525. So, no big spike as in cases with new deaths between 470 and 598.

As far as hospitalizations in Ohio, the number has gone down every week over the past four weeks from 5,300 on Dec. 15 to 4,400 Tuesday, Jan. 5. That’s 860 fewer patients in the hospital this day than there were four weeks ago.

Now to Pennsylvania where the trends almost mirror Ohio’s. Four weeks ago, the big Thanksgiving spike in new cases came in with almost 73,000 new cases. Two weeks ago, it dropped to 50,000, and though there was a bit of a rise last week, it’s certainly not a spike.

New deaths in Pennsylvania are twice the number Ohio had, but like Ohio, the trend is down and not by a wide range with 1,348 four weeks ago and 1,193 on Tuesday, Jan. 5.

The trend is definitely down with new hospitalizations in Pennsylvania. Nearly 6,300 four weeks ago and around 5,600 on Tuesday, Jan. 5.

The latest positivity rate for Ohio was reported on Saturday. At the time it was 14%, meaning 14 percent of the people tested were positive. That has been the average positivity rate for the past week.

Locally, 70 people have died from COVID-19 in Mercer County and 61 in Trumbull County over the past four weeks. At the same time, Columbiana County recorded nine deaths and Mahoning County had four.

Mercer County Coroner John Libonati attributes the high number of deaths to his accurate record keeping, and he says 98 percent of the county’s deaths have been in nursing homes.

At the same time, the number of cases in Mercer County is falling. Four weeks ago, there was a spike resulting from the Thanksgiving holiday of just over 870 cases. This past week, there 475 new cases in Mercer County. That’s a drop of 45 percent.

Trumbull County had over 1,100 cases for the week ending December 15. Last week, there were 590 new cases. No sign of any Christmas spike. At least not yet.

In Mahoning County, the number of new cases falling week by week from over 1,447 four weeks ago to just under 1,000 over the past seven days.

Of the four counties, Columbiana has the lowest population and is also showing significantly fewer new cases. Four weeks ago, it was over 500, with 360 this past week.

So every county around Youngstown is showing a downward trend in news cases over the past four weeks.

By zip code, Boardman’s 44512 zip code had the most cases followed by Canfield, Austintown, East Liverpool, and Poland.

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