Columbiana police to increase traffic enforcement patrols

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A police officer from Columbiana took to social media, warning for drivers to clean habits or face a ticket. 

Chief Tom Gladis says some of these bad habits include speeding, trying to beat red lights and completely ignoring the rules of the traffic circle. 

“I don’t know if we have a lot of bad drivers in Columbiana, but there are a lot of state routes and a lot of thru traffic, so we get things that we view as dangerous. Speeds in the city have to be slow because there are so many intersections,” Gladis says.

In a few weeks, Columbiana officers will start doing extra traffic enforcement patrols. They will be giving tickets to drivers who ignore red lights, yield signs and speed limits. 

“We want to do it for traffic safety. We’re not doing it for revenue. We’re not doing it for a speed trap, anything like that. We’re trying to prevent injury, trying to keep somebody from being run over out there,” he says.

The chief is calling it a “spring cleaning” for drivers. He wants drivers to clean up bad driving habits, especially around the traffic circle.

“I think the traffic circle is one of the biggest complaints we get. I think a lot of people don’t seem to understand you have to yield to traffic already in the circle and just sail right through the circle,” Gladis says. 

He says to avoid a ticket, drivers should slow down, respect road signs and generally calm down while driving.

“That’s essentially the whole key to it. If people would just relax, be patient, allow a little extra time and lower their speed, I think it would solve all the problems.”

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