YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — When Cleveland voters elected a new mayor in Nov., they opted for youth. Democrat Justin Bibb, at 35, became the second youngest mayor in Cleveland history. Bibb spent Monday evening in Youngstown working to rally the Democratic base for the Nov. election.

At Youngstown’s Westside Bowl, Bibb posed for pictures and talked politics with fellow Democrats including Mahoning County Commissioners Carol Righetti and Dave Ditzler.

“The challenges we face in Cleveland are the same challenges we see in Youngstown, and with this election coming up this Nov., it’s important that as Democrats we get out and make the case,” said Bibb.

Bibb spoke about the Republican domination of statewide offices in Ohio and how the Democrats could overcome it.

“Well it starts with conversations like this in Youngstown with electing good local leaders at the party chairmanship at the precinct committee level,” said Bibb.

“I helped his campaign when he ran for mayor. So I’m a big Justin Bibb fan,” said Phill Kidd who started the “Defend Youngstown” concept before moving to Cleveland to be a community planner.

Kidd supported Bibb’s new Green Street Ordinance that not only includes resurfacing but also adds bike lanes, trees and sidewalks.

“Things that are comprehensive in nature that impact whole neighborhoods and whole corridors,” said Kidd. He also said this is something Youngstown should do.

Bibb has been Cleveland’s Mayor for seven and a half months.

“Best job I could ever have. Cleveland is certainly a land on the rise. We’re bringing new vision and fresh energy to Cleveland and I believe this state’s comeback is rooted in Cleveland and northeast Ohio,” said

Bibb said his message to voters includes abortion rights, economic prosperity, gun reform, and solutions to cut down on violent crimes. Bibb said if those issues are important then it’s important to elect Democrats in Nov.