YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Sixth ward councilwoman Anita Davis held a town hall Monday evening to discuss economic developments and infrastructure within the ward.

Davis said one thing the city wants to do is put a moratorium on certain businesses, such as dollar stores and gas stations, in the hopes of drawing in a grocery store to the city.

She said right now, grocery stores the city has met with won’t open a location because of the amount of dollar stores that sell frozen food in the area. They hope a moratorium can change that.

“As those establishments continue to saturate our markets, we’re not going to get Save-A-Lot to say they’re going to risk their bottom line as much as they want to help the community to come into this establishment,” said director of community planning Nikki Posterli.

Though there wasn’t a timeline given on the moratorium, Davis said they’re actively working on the project and want to do something “sooner rather than later.”