YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Students at Choffin Career and Technical Center got a firsthand experience with the Youngstown Bomb Squad Thursday.

The bomb squad made a visit to the public safety class at the school to show students how some of the equipment is used.

“They’re teaching us how to put, like, put on the vests and how to take down a bomb and stuff, and they’re teaching us how people make bombs, and, like, all the ingredients that it takes to make one. Then we have this little robot … to go and get the bomb so more people won’t get hurt,” said Malik Hunter, a junior at the school.

Students were able to try on the gear bomb techs use while out in the field. They also got to control the bomb robot. The squad also brought the bomb squad truck and showed the students how everything inside works.

“It might be one of their career choices, to be a bomb tech or even go into the military to be EOD,” said Bob Dimaiolo, Youngstown Bomb Squad bomb tech.

This is the first time the bomb squad has come to Choffin to demonstrate its work to the students. Dimaiolo said the squad does visit other schools as well and plans to continue visiting Choffin.

Hunter said he enjoys the program at Choffin and feels he is getting a lot out of it.

“I like the public safety because it teaches about real-world situations and it betters our future instead of us just learning about little-time things — we actually learn about a lot,” Hunter said.