CEO of Youngstown City Schools plans to step down this summer

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Youngstown City Schools CEO Krish Mohip will be stepping down when his contract is up this summer.

Mohip sent a letter to the Ohio Department of Education, saying he will not be seeking further employment in the district after his contract ends in July of 2019.

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He said Youngstown has been his biggest challenge.

However, he also detailed some accomplishments he made in the district, including closing the reading and state testing gaps.

Mohip started with Youngstown City Schools in 2016 when the state created a CEO position to oversee the struggling district.

“I believe he has built some capacity to further the educational improvements,” said Deputy State Superintendent John Richard.

Mohip said his work will continue. It’s only October and his contract runs through July.

“My main focus is continuing to lead this district successfully and continue to see progress happen in all aspects of the district.”

Getting support has always been a struggle. Some members of the school board disagreed with Mohip’s appointment and approach.

“I’m disappointed that after creating the upheaval that he’s created, he’s not going to be here to be responsible for and manage the mess that is unfolding as a result of it, and I think that’s by design,” said school board member Dario Hunter.

Mohip’s early notice gives the Academic Distress Commission plenty of time to find his replacement for next school year.

“I think one of the best things I could do is what I have done,” he said. “I informed them early of my intentions.”

Mohip hopes the next CEO will be someone with good experience handling education in an urban environment.

“It’s October and the new person doesn’t have to be seated for quite some time,” he said. “Time is a luxury to go out and find someone very good to continue the work.”

His opponents believe there’s plenty of room for improvement.

“We had someone here who had never run a district before,” Hunter said. “I want to underline what that means. Not only had he never run a struggling, failing district, he had never run any district anywhere.”

Hunter called it a failed experiment.

ODE believes the timing of Mohip stepping down will allow for an orderly transition.

State school leaders are meeting with Mohip on October 23. ODE will start the search and transition for a new CEO while Mohip is still in Youngstown.

ODE said it is thankful for the time Mohip spent in the Youngstown City School District.

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