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CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – The person who shot a cat with an arrow last week has not yet been caught, but the cat’s owner talked about the ordeal on Friday.

It has been a long week for Lorna Bryant. On April 2, she let her cat outside and he did not come back.

“I waited all night long for him. I was like, something happened. He usually came home right away,” Bryant said.

The next morning, she found O’Riley motionless and leaning up against her house on Sanderson Avenue.

“I was ready to pick him up and he was like whining. And that is when I saw it was an arrow,” Bryant said.

That’s right. Someone had shot her cat with an arrow from a crossbow.

She knew better than to try to pull it out herself, so she ran to her neighbor for help.

“I almost fainted myself. I was like ‘Oh my God. My cat, my cat,” Bryant said.

“That cat would have died if they tried to remove it. It was a very thick bolt. So we had to take immediate action,” neighbor Edward Garcia Jr. said.

Garcia and his mom rushed the cat to the veterinarian. To this day, he is amazed the cat survived.

“That thing was supposed to take down full grown deer,” Garcia said of the arrow that pierced O’Riley.

Since then, Bryant has been nursing him back to health. She said she has a newfound bond with the animal.

A shared experience, so to speak.

“It brings me back the memories, like deja vu all over again when I was attacked by a man dressed up like a woman in 1987. And it makes me feel like him,” Bryant said. “He fought for his life. Otherwise, he would not be here. Just like me. I fought for my life the same way, you know.”

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