(WYTV) – A state-of-the-art technology will make it’s debut Monday in Austintown’s Carousel Center. The designer of this program, Scott Austalosh, joined meteorologist Jim Loboy on Daybreak to discuss the technology.

The technology is interactive, and the voice talent is a familiar face, Genevieve Goings, GRAMMY Award winning Songwriter of Children’s Music.

“It’s the first one in the world that’s like this. So we’re using printed electronics on the walls for people with autism that can navigate these walls and control their environment. And it’s through music and sounds and stories,” said Austalosh.

The wall is activated by touch. Those with autism can navigate the wall to bring about calm in an otherwise chaotic mind.

“Shannon Arcade is the CEO of the Carousel Center. And I told her about this and she said I want one. And she gave us complete creative control. And I called Gen, and I said do you want to be a part of this? She said yes, and once we started working on it, she said ‘Well what about a music room?’ And I said sure, so now we have two different options. And we brought Genevieve in and she did both rooms. Sophia’s Place is the calming room, and then we have the music room as well,” said Austalosh.

Genevieve Goings told us why she took on the project.

“I’ve been involved with children forever. And I have friends that are on the the autism spectrum. Autism is something that is very important to me. I met Scott years ago at a Children’s Festival where I brought our show, “Choo-Choo Soul”. Scott’s daughter “Sophia” stole my heart, she is autistic. He told me about all these grand ideas he had for the Voices for Autism charity. As I learned more about the project, and how it would be touch activated, I told him we should also have a music wall. Our music wall is like a music sampler. You can walk in and create your own song. And it will never be the same twice. So I said, ‘Wait, who is going to produce the music? And we should have stories read in the calming room! And what if I did voices?’ And I just went on and on. So I produced all the audio in both rooms. It’s incredible,” said Goings.

Media will be invited Monday, so check back later today and tonight to get a sample of this technology in Austintown, at the Carousel Center.