Canfield town hall addresses possible tax increase for police levy

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CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Government leaders in Canfield laid out their reasons why a police levy should be passed in November at a town hall meeting Wednesday evening.

The 200 people who filled the large meeting room at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center learned there will be a vote this fall to increase taxes in the city for the next five years.

Some support the 3.9 mil levy, but others are not as positive.

The announcement by Mayor Bernie Kosar, Sr. was preceded by a presentation of two Canfield students. Their online survey showed that people think of Canfield as a safe, friendly, comfortable community, but there were some issues.

“This came up quite a few times about how people felt there’s a lack of business that seriously needed to change for the future of Canfield,” said high school student David Hofsess.

Police Chief Chuck Colucci also spoke, saying his department is short one full-time officer and two part-time officers. He laid out, in detail, the benefits of his department.

“You see us on your side streets, patrolling your neighborhoods, making you feel safe.”

When it came time for public comment, Steve Planey was among the first to speak. He commended Canfield Police on an outstanding job but had some choice words for those who want to increase taxes.

“Myself and some of the folks I know, we resent this fear-mongering, the threatening of the removal of that outstanding service if we don’t allow you to reach into our pockets again.”

“We didn’t threaten anybody, we didn’t try to coerce anybody. So where this information came from, I don’t know,” said Councilman John Morvay.

There were others who spoke out in support of the levy.

“This is a necessary thing and it will benefit everyone that lives here,” Gerry D’Amico said.

“If we want to maintain what we have had, we are going to have to step up and pay this money,” Bob Minkler said.

On a lighter note, 12-year-old Scotty Crawford became the youngest person to ever receive the key to the city. Mayor Kosar presented it to him at the town hall for the money he raised to renovate the War Veterans Museum.

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