Canfield students, parents plead to school board to allow live spring arts performances

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They argued that if sports teams can play, actors and musicians should be allowed to play as well

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Wednesday night, a group of parents and students asked the Canfield School Board to allow for live, in-person spring performances for choir, band and theater.

No one on the board or even the superintendent would commit, even though it was presented that if sports teams play, and they have been playing in Canfield, actors and musicians should be allowed to play, too.

The meeting was held in the same auditorium where the people who spoke hope that come spring, live performances can be held.

“We’re very frustrated and confused on why we couldn’t have live audiences when everyone else is able to watch their kids go with their sports,” said junior Anthony Scarmack.

Scarmack showed the board a petition signed by 525 Canfield students requesting the high school and middle school be allowed to have a spring musical, along with spring band and choir concerts. They want them live and in-person, not virtual.

“We feel that denying the students who are in the arts the ability to perform in front of an audience is similar to removing the court from a basketball player,” said Dema Esper, president of the Canfield Choral Boosters.

Everyone speaking agreed that all COVID-19 protocols would be followed.

Scarmack’s mother, Dr. Sarrah Hein, quoted an article from the Journal of Voice.

“It does say that there’s spreading from voices and from instruments. But as long as you social distance, with six feet apart, that that spread doesn’t matter any different than talking or speaking,” Dr. Hein said.

“Our music students have already been practicing and rehearsing during the school days since the beginning of the academic year without any spike in new COVID cases,” said Dr. Manu Sethi, vice president of the Canfield Band Parents.

The group asked for an answer in 15 to 20 days so they can prepare for their spring performances.

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