Canfield student tackles ice removal for customers

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Another round of snow and ice is expected this week

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Chances are that unless you had some help Tuesday, you may still have a lot of ice covering your driveways and sidewalks after our latest snowstorm.

With a good half-inch of ice coating driveways and sidewalks, Trent Childers needed something other than the plow blade on the front of his truck.

“I have a heavy-duty industrial scraper. It’s actually made for concrete, but I’ve been using that to scrape all my driveways,” Trent said.

The Canfield High School senior started plowing this year. He was up at 3 a.m. Tuesday working on driveways.

As the morning wore on, Childers had an easier time chipping away at the ice and snow with the scraper and then shoveling the chunks out of the way.

Although snow can be quickly pushed away with the plow, people may try home remedies to break-up thick ice such as dish detergent and hot water. Childers thinks that may just make things worse.

“You just gotta work to get it off. A lot of those mixtures just don’t work, and then it just makes more ice as it freezes,” he said.

In some spots, there was less snow underneath the layer of ice, which required more effort to get it out of the way.

“Just gotta use more muscle on this one,” Childers said.

With another round of ice and snow likely this week, Childers is looking forward to some extra business.

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