Canfield Schools responds: ‘Most student misconduct can be handled internally’

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This is in response to a police report detailing more than 20 incidents in which officers said the district failed to notify a school resource officer

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Canfield Local Schools responded Thursday afternoon to a police report claiming the district has a “history of failing to report serious threats and other significant incidences to law enforcement.”

“After thoughtful consideration of the November 19 investigation report issued by the Canfield Police Department, the Board of Education requested that the Department provide it additional information concerning accusations it made against the District involving an alleged ‘history’ of ‘failing to report serious threats and other significant incidents to law enforcement.’

The Board of Education takes this allegation very seriously along with the numerous accusations made against its Administration throughout the supplemental narrative. Although the Board will continue to work with its Administration and the Canfield Police Department toward improving our relationship and enhancing the District’s assessment of student threats, we are disappointed that the Department has taken specific incidences involving students, without context, and used them as examples to suggest our schools are unsafe at the hands of our Administration.

The Board recognizes its responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff and understands our need to continue to educate our Administration in threat assessment, and we have already taken steps to do so since the incident that gave rise to the report. The Board further recognizes, however, the importance of addressing negative student behavior on an individual and case-by-case basis, using a continuum of interventions that are specific to the circumstances and the psychological makeup, age and maturity of the child involved. During the formative years of a child’s and young adult’s life, it is crucial that adults understand the underlying realities which may be contributing to the negative behavior before imposing consequences that may follow that child for the rest of their life.

Not unlike a great proportion of other school districts across the state, our District has experienced some incidences that rise to the level of law enforcement intervention and we have worked through those with the Canfield Police Department. On the other hand, we are grateful that most student misconduct can be handled internally without a need to request assistance from Canfield Police. It is not a matter of circumventing law enforcement or ignoring the significance of a threat made at school but rather implementing a range of consequences to include a variety of intervention methods, discipline both inside and outside of school and, perhaps, law enforcement intervention.”

This is in response to a Canfield Police Department report detailing more than 20 incidents in which officers said the school district failed to notify a school resource officer about potential issues when they arose.

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