CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – At their final school board meeting of the school year, Canfield Local schools voted to take the bond issue that failed on May 3 off the ballot in August.

Leaving funding for some facility repairs up in the air.

That vote passed unanimously after the bond issue failed during the primary vote by close to a three to one margin.

“The plan we had in place is not the one we can use moving forward,” said Canfield Superintendent, Joe Knoll.

That failed $7 million bond issue would have raised nearly $108 million for repairs.

“The options are repair, renovate or build new,” continued Knoll.

$85 million of that was earmarked for building a new school, which would combine two elementary schools and one middle school with a bus garage.

Superintendent Knoll says it’s basically back to square one.

“That’s the conversation that the board is going to have to have moving forward,” he said.

Right now the board does not have a plan on which way to move forward.