Built in early 1820s, Niles’ oldest house for sale

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NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Built on a little hill on Vienna Avenue in Niles is the Heaton-Stein house. At 200 years old, it’s one of Niles’ oldest, but few can top it in historic value, and if you’re interested, it’s for sale.

The stately house with the white brick tells the history of Niles.

“Who built it is James Heaton, the founder of Niles,” said owner Pam Hall.

Hall says the house that was built in the early 1820s still has its original hardwood floors, the plaster walls are original, as is the glass in the windows and the spindles on the staircase.

“These are all original as well. Not one of them has been broke out, which I find really amazing,” Hall said.

In the foyer is a picture of the Stein brothers, Herb and Russ, who grew up in the house when their parents owned the surrounding farm.

The Stein brothers were part of the Pottsville Maroons — the Pennsylvania football team, which claims to have won the first NFL championship in 1925 — though the NFL does not recognize the championship.

“So it is a big controversy till this day,” Hall said.

“And they basically had a championship taken away from them,” said Ralph Tolbert of the Niles Historical Society.

Tolbert can imagine the Stein family sitting around a table.

“All of them with their father being told what to do the next day in the fields,” he said.

Also hanging in the foyer is a picture of the Steins in front of the house. The concrete steps on the right were used to mount a horse. They’re now out back, partially covered with vegetation.

“Oh, it’s museum quality history. You look at the thickness of the woodwork, the wood trim, the amazing carpentry work that was all done by hand,” Tolbert said.

“This is where a potbelly stove would have been downstairs in the parlor,” Hall said.

She is moving because it’s time to downsize.

“But I am lovingly going to be selling it to somebody I hope that is going to take care of it and love it as much as I have,” Hall said.

Realtor Ray Hall has it listed at $149,000 and doesn’t anticipate having trouble selling it.

“No, not a problem at all,” he said.

The house is filled with antiques — an old radio, an old phonograph, antique clocks and vintage furniture.

There’s even an ironing board covered with antique irons. All of it can be sold with house if the buyer wants it.

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