Brookfield residents hit hard after Sunday storms tear through Trumbull County

Local News

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – People living in Brookfield watched as a funnel cloud tore through the center of the township Sunday afternoon.

It traveled through Wood Street and down Route 82, which was closed for a while as crews cleared debris.

Neighbors had just a few minutes of warning.

"My side door, the adjoining door was just banging back and forth like someone was trying to get in. We were headed downstairs after watching WKBN News… said to take shelter and just as we got down that's when the blast hit," said Alex Garnett.

Many people were home Sunday afternoon, including Dawn Roper's father.

"He heard wind and then he went running for the bedroom and all the trees, he said, went 'boom boom boom' and he heard it hitting the house and hitting the ground and hitting his truck," Roper said.

The township cemetery also lost some trees. A few headstones were damaged.

Just after the cemetery, a building at Kirila Construction was demolished by the wind.

Garnett was lucky to escape with little damage.

"A lot of limbs down but no major, large limbs. We come unscathed," Garnett said.

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