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CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – A boil alert has been issued for the City of Campbell and is in effect until further notice.

A water main break occurred Wednesday morning at the corner Murray Avenue and Robinson Road.

All residents should not drink water directly from the tap and should boil any water for consumption for at least three minutes.

Thankfully, it was Pizza Wednesday for the Campbell School District. The food delivery meant less cooking in the kitchen.

“If it was like, a pasta day, I would literally just change the whole menu to something I wouldn’t have to use the water, like a chicken nugget,” said Katina Valerio, head cook at Campbell Elementary.

The school has a plan in place for boil alerts, including how to prepare lunches in the cafeteria. It always has gallons of bottled water to wash vegetables for salads and for hand washing.

“This is not the first time we’ve had to go through this procedure,” said Jim Klingensmith, principal of Campbell’s K-7 school.

The school brought in bottled water for everyone and covered all of the water fountains. Students could still use the bathroom.

Campbell Schools are always updating their plan for situations like this.

“Not just with a boil situation. No matter what plans you do, if it’s a safety lockdown or fire drill, you’re always looking for better ways to make it for the kids,” Klingensmith said.

In the cafeteria, all the workers are focused on the next school day and what they have to do when the boil alert is lifted. Valerio says they will completely clean, sanitize and de-lime the dish pit area, and then rewash all of the dishes and silverware.

The city’s water department has no idea how the large pipe, which was in good shape, broke. Samples have been sent to the lab, but the results won’t be back for 24 hours.

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