Boats evacuate people living at Mercer mobile home park

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MERCER, Pa. (WYTV) – On Monday, people across the Valley were in cleanup mode after storms ripped through with heavy rains. Flooding hit one luxury camping community in Mercer hard, trapping people inside.

Campers at Plantation Park, who were surrounded by floodwaters, were evacuated by boat Monday morning. Even the campground’s entrance on Wilson Avenue was completely flooded.

People staying there said several fire departments were called out to help them get out of their homes and onto dry land.

“Hermitage was here, Patagonia, Jefferson Township, with the rescue and they got a few people out of the water,” Kenneth Miller said.

Fences were broken. Homes were left waterlogged. Signs could be seen floating in the sitting water. The scene was shocking, even to longtime summer residents.

“This is the worst I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it up here before, just over the patio where it’s at now, but never up as high as it was,” Miller said.

The campground is divided into several different sections. Section C, toward the back, saw the most water damage – with levels up to the waist in some parts.

“These people, you know, are completely inconvenienced. They can’t get in and out of their property,” said William Bell, a summer resident.

Thankfully, no one was injured by the floods – it’s all property damage.

Today, neighbors focused on damage control, helping each other assess their homes and cars.

“They’ll come up here and clean up a little bit, and life will go back to normal,” Miller said.

It’ll take some time for the water levels to return to normal at Plantation Park. Until then, its residents said they’re going to keep living life and not let the rain get in the way of their summer fun.

“You have to have a smile and a sense of humor doesn’t hurt,” Bell said.

Miller said the flooding won’t shake these vacationers.

“Nothing really phases campers.”

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