Boardman woman meets family through DNA test

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She was adopted more than 50 years ago, but after her daughter turned to a DNA test, she found a match

HERMITAGE, Pa. (WYTV) – All one Boardman woman wanted for Christmas was to find her biological mother. While she didn’t get her Christmas wish, she did get a gift that will last a lifetime.

Lisa Lapushansky was adopted more than 50 years ago through a closed adoption and always felt like a piece of her was missing.

“I’ve got to find my mom. I wonder if I have any brothers, any sisters. I always wondered that my whole life,” said Lapushansky.

So, her daughter, Brittany Powers, turned to a DNA test and got the results last week.

Lapushansky didn’t get the chance to find her mom, but she did find something else.

“I noticed that I had a close relation with a Cherie. Let me send her a message and see what comes of it,” said Powers.

A few hours later, Lapushansky met her sister.

“We pulled up next to her at Panera and, I’m like, are you my sister? And she’s like, yeah, I’m your sister! Your aunt’s on her way. I was like, oh my God, and then she told me I had six other brothers and sisters. I was like, oh my God,” Lapushansky said.

Cherie Sullivan knew she had a sister for the past 30 years and had been searching for her ever since.

“I was just so excited. My heart just went to my stomach and I’m like, Oh my God. Finally, I found her,” said Sullivan.

Lapushansky met her sister and aunt last Saturday.

“When we all sat down, it was like we knew each other forever,” said Debbie Dancak, Lapushansky’s aunt.

On Sunday afternoon at her aunt’s house, Lapushansky was welcomed by even more family, two more sisters and a brother.

“I could barely open the door. I just felt–I don’t know. It brought me to tears,” said Henry Jance, Lapushansky’s brother.

Jance found out just the day before that he had another sister before meeting her that day.

“It brings back so many memories. She looks like my mom so much it makes me cry. It’s hard to hold it together,” said Jance.

Their mom passed away nearly 20 years ago and although they lost her, they gained a sister who’s her spitting image.

Lapushansky still has two more siblings to meet and in the meantime, everyone is looking forward to some much needed family time.

“With having a family, you feel like you belong. You can spend the holidays and have people to be there for you,” said Powers.

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