LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The path to another energy plant in Lordstown was cleared by the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB).

The board ruled Thursday that Clean Energy can continue its plans for the Trumbull Energy Center.

The board approved an amendment that allows Clean Energy to expand an existing laydown area and refine the previously approved engineering design and layout of the center.

New technologies prompted changes to the project that were initially approved in October 2017. Supply chain issues were also cited in the delay and request.

Also, the board rejected a complaint filed by Lordstown Village and said its concerns have been addressed, and “there is no cause to initiate further investigation.” It also said that the Trumbull Energy Center is exempt from local regulation and is in compliance with the OPSB for the project.

Lordstown residents who live near the site complained about noise and lighting nuisances from the project. Some said their adjoining property had been damaged.

Mayor Arno Hill said previously that the plant would be a bigger financial gain than the first one, the Lordstown Energy Center, and that Lordstown Schools stand to gain millions of dollars in the PILOT program (payment in lieu of taxes). After five years, normal taxes would take over.

Residents had fought to shut down operations at the site, saying that some areas of the planned construction were zoned residential.

Hill had said he expected the OPSB would let construction of the plant continue.

The Trumbull Energy Center and the Lordstown Energy Center will burn natural gas to make electricity with the potential to power 1.7 million homes in Ohio.