(WKBN) – A bill that supporters say will preserve Second Amendment rights in Ohio is moving through the Ohio legislature.

Rep. Mike Loychik, R-Bazetta, along with Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Loveland, announced Wednesday that the House Government Oversight Committee passed House Bill 51, commonly called the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

Sponsors say the bill would relieve Ohio law enforcement agencies from enforcing “unconstitutional” federal gun control laws, executive orders, or agency rule interpretations.

“This Second Amendment Preservation Act protects one of our most fundamental rights as citizens,” Loychik said. “This bill allows Ohio’s law enforcement to carry out Ohio’s laws when it comes to owning guns, ammunition, and accessories. If any of these protections are violated, the bill permits an Ohioan to sue agencies whose employees have violated the Act.”

The Second Amendment Preservation Act now moves to the House floor for a vote.