‘Biggest pumpkin’ at Canfield Fair isn’t a pumpkin after all

Local News

One of the biggest attractions at the Canfield Fair is the giant pumpkin but it turns out it might not be a pumpkin after all.

Andrew McCoy, with the Giant Pumpkins Club, said it’s a common mistake to think the huge squash is a pumpkin.

“I think it’s easier just to say that, it looks like a pumpkin. So a pumpkin is a Connecticut Field pumpkin, it’s a hard stem. And the squash, Atlantic Giant, which is the large ones, that’s a softer stem. There’s other things but that’s the main gist of it.”

To add to the confusion, the trophy says “biggest pumpkin” but the sign says “biggest squash.”

Whatever you call it, it’s still one of the main draws for the fair.

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