COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Flooding in the Valley washed out more than roads on Friday. One disaster recovery service in Columbiana received so many calls for basement damage that it’s booked until Monday. We got some tips on how to treat this damage.

With the recent flooding, your basement might be full of water. While anything more than a few inches requires a professional, there are a few things you can do while you wait.

The best option is to use an HVAC or sump pump to try to get the water out while you wait on the professionals. But if you can’t, there are a few crucial steps to make your home safe.

“Call a plumber to make sure the line is clear. If you’re able, turn your gas line or turn the gas off just because that could be a hazard. If the water level got high enough to blow out your pilot light, you don’t want there to be gas leaking into your home,” said Michael Delagarza, president of Ranger Recovery and Restoration.

He says it’s important to make sure your floors and walls are dried out. Not only will the dirty water start evaporating into the air in your home, not treating it will lead to mold and major health consequences.

“Mold will get behind your walls. You have a finished basement, in the pad of your carpet or your drywall or in the insulation in your walls, you won’t notice it maybe for a couple of weeks but it’s going to keep on growing,” Delagarza said.

But the most important thing is prevention.

“If you have a sump pump and maybe a backup sump pump and then a backup battery in case you lose power that’ll definitely help your chances of not having a flooded basement, especially if it’s finished,” Delagarza said.

Delagarza says to consider adding waterproofing and drains in your basement to prevent water buildup in case of a flood.