At just 15 months old, Beaver Township’s newest K-9 is one accomplished pup!

Argo might look like a young German Shepherd, but he has a big job.

“He started last Thursday. He got a drug arrest that first night,” said Officer Chris Albert. “We got some crack and heroin, so he’s now just completed his first week on the job.” 

Argo is Albert’s second K-9 in Beaver Township. His first dog, Hero, retired after seven years of work. 

The department applied for a grant with the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation to purchase Argo. 

The organization covered almost $30,000 for Officer Albert’s training and the new dog. 

When it came to picking his new partner, Albert said it wasn’t exactly difficult. 

“He comes out, ball of fire, bouncing all around. I’m standing in a group of five or six people. He comes up after he gets his toy, jumps on me and like, bites my arm, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s kind of a gutsy dog!'” Albert recalled. 

Officer Albert said Argo’s best skill is tracking, which can be used for finding evidence or missing people. 

Of course, it’s serious work, but Albert says Argo makes it fun. 

“When we were doing the training with the apprehension work, when he catches the bad guy after he’s done, he stands next to him like, ‘Hey, do you want to pet me now?'” Albert said. 

Though these two will be side by side working for the next several years, Albert said Argo is also a new member of the family. 

“They’re like hyperactive four-year-olds!” he said.