(WKBN) — Ballot drop boxes could be eliminated in future Ohio elections if a new bill is signed into law. Republican Senator Niraj Antani of Miamisburg recently introduced Senate Bill 184 to do just that.

This is not the first time conversations about drop boxes have come up at the statehouse. Last year, lawmakers passed a bill that made several changes to elections. This included allowing one ballot drop box per country at their Board of Elections.

Antani believes this law needs undone and worries about the integrity of elections with the use of drop boxes, specifically ballot harvesting. Under the state’s law, drop boxes are required to always be monitored by video surveillance and the videos are public record.

“There’s absolutely an alternative. It’s called, what we have in Ohio here are 28 days of early in-person voting, there is voting on election day, and even though I oppose it, we have 28 days of mail-in absentee voting,” Antani said.

Democratic Senator Bill Demora opposes the proposed legislation saying this is not a problem of concern.

“To be able to drop it off 24 hours at the Board of Elections is a way to make your voice heard that again is on your schedule and not going to cost you any additional money for postage or anything else, so it’s ridiculous, and I will fight to the nail against this bill,” Demora said.

Antani did not have any examples of ballot harvesting being an issue but is concerned about the near future. The widespread ability of ballot drop boxes for Americans was presented in 2020.

At this moment, the bill awaits committee assignment.