VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) — If you need another reason to spoil your pet, National Pet Day just might be it.

Monday is the nationally-recognized day set aside to honor your pets and the mark they leave on your lives.

Animal advocates say pets are not only a companion and good for your mental health, but they also teach children responsibility, empathy, and compassion — all reasons why they deserve to be celebrated.

“You should give them a little extra treat, little extra love. It’s important to recognize them because they do a lot for us. They can lower our stress levels. They can help us make friends. They’re, you know, a true part of the family,” said Animal Welfare League Humane Agent Diane King.

If you’re thinking about welcoming a pet into your home King suggests you consider adopting since there are plenty of cats, dogs, and rabbits at the Animal Welfare League waiting to find their forever families.