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CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – In the spirit of the Canfield Fair’s history as an agricultural event, 4-H members and others are hoping more fairgoers check out the livestock sales and auctions on Thursday and Friday evenings during the fair.

Michael Rulli from the Rulli Brothers markets is a longtime supporter of the auctions. He says, These kids really depend on it. And you could give them hope for encouraging the future of the American farmer. We need to get out there and we need to support them and we need to get their dollar amount up. So if you could go there and you could bid on it, it would be amazing.”

Rulli suggests families or neighbors go in together to purchase an animal and have freezer meat for the whole winter. Or, you can donate the meat to the Second Harvest Food Bank

Jordan Gady brought a few animals to the fair. 4-H-ers typically spend an hour or two a day taking care of their animals all year long. “It teaches you how to take responsibility for something. You have to take care of something on your own.”

4-H-er Lexi Wonner may even be busier. “I actually do two sports , so then on top of all that you have to come home and do all that stuff.” Like cleaning stalls, feeding animals, and walking them to get ready for fair.

4-H supporter Shane Wonner with what it’s all about for the kids: “A lot of kids, that’s what funds their college. They’ll put the money into the bank. Savings account. Some kids they’re not allowed to see that money.”

For many, it’s encouragement to stay in agriculture. “I wanna have a farm when I’m older. It means a bunch of responsibility,” says 4-H member Gavin Wonner.

The livestocks sales and auctions take place in the 4-H Coliseum. Here’s a link to more information and the participation by Second Harvest Food Bank.

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