As seasons change, stay ahead of the game by prepping your house to keep bugs out

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Common insects are the ladybug, spiders and the stink bug

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – With the cooler fall weather settling in, you can expect frost isn’t too far away. The temperature change could cause issues with bugs getting into your home, so what can you do to try and stop them?

It’s common to find a bug inside your home — maybe it came in through the window or the door was left open. But, as people start to close the doors and windows, bugs can still creep in.

“So anywhere there’s a crack, anywhere you leave a door open, they’ll gain access,” said Eric Barrett, an educator with the OSU Mahoning County Extension.

Common insects are the ladybug, spiders and the stink bug.

“Any tiny space that is less than a 10th of an inch or even a millimeter, they will be able to crawl through,” Barrett said. “They’re going to get everywhere, underneath siding, anywhere they’re going to get access to keep warm.”

As the temperature starts to drop, you may want to bring in firewood, but that itself hosts a certain type of bug.

“So, some insects we see a lot of time in the winter are insects that are firewood borers,” Barrett said. “So we have a lot of folks that bring in some extra firewood, ‘Oh, I won’t have to go outside if I bring in some firewood now.’ But what you’re doing is bringing in bugs.”

Once inside, these bugs are going to want to be near moisture or any place with food.

After the first frost, they’ll make an appearance on a warm day, so a great tool to use is a caulking gun.

“Where the cable line goes into the house or the electric might go in, where pipes from your air conditioning unit, all that stuff needs re-caulked,” Barrett said.

And if you have old windows, they might need a touch up.

But what if bugs do find their way inside your home?

“Usually a sweeper is going to be one of the better ways to suck them up and get rid of them. Just remember, if you have a bag in your sweeper, that once they get in there and die, they’re going to stink. So, you need to get that out of there,” Barrett said.

If your vacuum doesn’t have a bag, you’ll still need to dump it.

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