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As another Kmart closes, SuperK in Niles remains open

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NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Some consumers may have to reroute their shopping in 2018 because another Kmart in the area is closing. But even in the midst of several store closures, the SuperK in Niles has managed to stay open.

In 2017 alone, Sears Holdings closed 350 Kmart or Sears locations. The Big Kmart in Austintown is now one of five additional stores in Ohio set to close in January of 2018.

“Ever since the store opened up, I been coming here on a regular basis without any problems and it’s a shame to see something like this happen,” Tom Diacin said.

Like many people, Diacin has been shopping at the Austintown Kmart for years. Some customers said they rely on the Austintown Kmart for the bulk of their shopping.

In a few months, they’ll have to drive nearly 20 minutes to get to the next closest store in Niles.

“I, myself, don’t like shopping at Walmart because of the crowds so I guess I’ll be looking for another Kmart,” Bill Alexander said.

Even though he plans to find another location, Alexander said he thinks a majority of shoppers will pick another store closer to home for convenience.

While the Austintown store is going out of business, SuperK in Niles was not on the most recent list of closings.

Joe Bell, a representative from the Cafaro Company, said the SuperK at the Eastwood Mall Complex is in a great location.

“I mean, it has a symbiotic relationship with all the other stores on the property. They feed off each other.”

Bell said Sears and Kmart have been “treading water” in years past and in order to save cash, Kmart has continuously closed stores to avoid operating costs.

“We don’t have any crystal ball, we don’t know how they’re making their decisions. They, in some cases, closed stores which we believed were profitable.”

As for now, the SuperK looks to have a future, along with the other businesses in the Eastwood Mall Complex.


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