(WKBN) — The Lakeview Local School District is working to figure out how to keep its budget in the black after the emergency levy failed on Tuesday.

The 10-year 6.8 mills additional levy failed by 687 votes. It would have generated over $2 million a year for the district.

Superintendent Velina Taylor said the district is now looking at reducing its staff by 15 people including an administrator.

They would also make bussing reductions and start reimplementing fees such as those associated with athletics, clubs and organizations as well as instruction and technology.

“While we’re trying to make things balance out this year looking down the forecast we’ll still be, I think my treasurer calls it ‘bleeding money,’ so it’s definitely something that we have to look at again,” said Taylor.

Taylor said the district needs to shave about $700,000 off the budget to match next year’s budget requirements.