NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WKBN) — As the war continues between Russia and Ukraine, the sunflower is being embraced as a symbol of solidarity with Ukraine.

The residents of Aventura Place, an assisted living facility in North Lima, have embraced the flower to show support. Thursday they were creating a large wall of sunflowers, which is the national flower of Ukraine.

Local artist Ron Moore was helping with the art and doing some of the painting. The artwork doubles as a prayer wall.

Many of the residents filled out prayer cards which will be hung on the board.

“When they are asking me, you know, what can we do, you know, to support them and to help and so when we brought up the mural to do a mural of sunflowers and a prayer wall to lift Ukraine up, they jumped on it. They just thought it was a great idea,” said activity director Maureen Metzger-McQuillan.

Residents felt the prayer wall would be just as powerful as collecting money or sending items over to Ukraine.