Are blue light filtering glasses for you? A local doctor weighs in

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Many of us spend hours looking at our cell phone and computer screens each day. Research shows all of that screen time could be taking a big toll on our eyes.

Dr. Tom Grischow with Eye Care Associates said we are exposed to blue light from different sources – the largest being the sun. We also get it from fluorescent lights, LED lights and computer/phone screens.

Blue light isn’t all bad, but the concern is the long-term effects of it on our eyes because of the close proximity of the screens and the amount of time we spend looking at them.

Now, glasses that filter all that blue light are available, with or without a prescription.

“They block the blue high energy level visible light, and that helps with eye strain in some people. Also, blue light has also been associated with macular degeneration in some studies,” Grischow said.

Grischow pointed out that because our use of so much screen time is so new, the research of the long-term impacts on our eyes isn’t complete, but there is new research that shows children’s eyes absorb more blue light than adults.

The strain from blue light has a few immediate symptoms you can recognize.

“The blue light can cause some eye strain at the computer because that image is not like reading words on a page. It’s its own light source, so that can cause the focusing system to be a little bit different and cause some eye strain, fatigued eyes, tired eyes, watery and red eyes,” Grischow said.

You don’t have to have a prescription to get the blue light filtering glasses, but Grischow recommends talking with your eye doctor and getting an exam to make sure there aren’t other issues before you buy them.

You can have blue light filters put in prescription glasses or you can just find glasses with just the filter.      

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