SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – Another building in downtown Salem is being torn down Tuesday.

Demolition began Tuesday morning on the former Cheshire Booksellers on East State Street.

First News has been following the city’s plan to remove unsafe buildings from the downtown area this year.

Earlier, the city tore down the TanFastic building and Rossetti’s Bakery for safety concerns after their walls started showing signs of structural damage.

Both buildings are also on East State Street.

Demolition crews started leveling the Tanfastic building due to safety concerns April 6.

After learning the former bakery had similar safety issues, Salem Mayor John Berlin asked city council members for permission to work out a deal with the owners of the Rossetti’s Bakery building to have the city buy the property from them.

Berlin said in October that there are a lot of problems with buildings downtown and it’s up to the property owners to make repairs.

City council is proposing a maintenance code to address the problem.