YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It seems to be happening at least once a day — humane agents and other authorities called to rescue an animal. This time, they were called to a house on East Laclede Avenue that neighbors say is abandoned, only there are dogs in the back yard and inside.

“We decided that we would remove the one that had some serious medical situations going on so we can get it emergency help,” said Jane MacMurchy, with Animal Charity of Ohio.

The dog, which we’re told is nearly blind and badly dehydrated, was taken to the agency’s shelter in Boardman where 156 other animals already are being kept.

“We were bringing in more than is getting adopted out. Four walls are only so big. There’s only so much we can do,” MacMurchy said.

The same problem is happening around the country and agents say they’re running out of places to send animals they bring in.

“We use transfer partners, but all of the transfer partners that we use are also full in dealing with the same things,” MacMurchy said.

It’s something agents and directors didn’t think would happen until the spring of next year. They say the situation is now so bad they’re considering moving into a new facility in Boardman, even before anyone had a chance to remodel it.

In the meantime, agents say they’re going to be forced to start turning down requests for help.

“There’s going to be a lot more situations where we’re not gonna be able to remove animals,’ MacMurchy said.

All the while, the situation may get worse before it gets any better.