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Animal Charity rescues two puppies from starvation, now in need of help from community

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The organization says the dogs were found starved and covered in feces, with urine burns on their paws

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – On Thursday, humane agents rescued 14-month-old Sushi and 1-year-old Ramen. They were living in horrible conditions — starving, scared and sick.

In a Facebook post, the organization says the dogs were found starved and covered in feces, with urine burns on their paws. They did not say where the animals were found.

“They were covered in feces. They had a thick film of urine on them,” said Jane MacMurchy, coordinator of Animal Charity of Ohio.

Animal Charity is concerned because this is something they see on a regular basis.

“This is one of the standard kind of cases that we’re seeing these days. It’s very sad,” MacMurchy said.

Luckily, Sushi and Ramen are already on the mend, getting all their vaccinations, health needs and finally, some food.

But for the non-profit, that all comes at a price.

“When we get in a case like this, what you also don’t see is that we’re still bringing in five to 10 other animals at a time,” MacMurchy said.

So, MacMurchy says the community’s help is extremely appreciated.

You might remember when their agents rescued nearly 100 cats from a home in Youngstown in July. To nurse them back to health was thousands of dollars.

“The Greenwood 97 cats that we got, you know, we got monetary donations in for that case and I don’t know what we would have done without those,” MacMurchy said.

So, donations are always put to good use at Animal Charity, helping animals like Ramen and Sushi start a new life.

“We’re so thankful we’re able to get them out of the situation, get custody of them and start their treatment right away and get them into homes quickly,” MacMurchy said.

Now, staff at Animal Charity will continue working to get the puppies back to full health, but they need some help.

If you’d like to donate, you can visit the Animal Charity of Ohio website.

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