Animal Charity President expresses need for donations for vetting after taking in nearly 100 cats

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On Friday, Animal Charity took in almost 100 cats outside of a home in Youngstown and now they're asking for help from the community

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – On Friday, Animal Charity took in almost 100 cats outside of a home in Youngstown and now they’re asking for help from the community.

It’s been about 24 hours since humane agents removed 97 cats from a home on Greenwood Street in Youngstown.

“Right now, what we need most is financial donations. We have estimated that every single cat will cost us at least $150 to do basic vetting,” said Animal Charity Board President Mary Louk.

The $150 will go to shots and spay and neutering.

In total, that’s around $15,000, but that doesn’t including cats that need additional medicine and surgeries.

“We have a few cats that will probably need eyes removed. Those will be additional costs. So, by the time it’s all said and done, we’re probably looking somewhere between $20 to $25,000 to take care of these cats,” Louk said.

As of now, things like food, litter and bedding are in good supply. Many people have already donated those items.

“We’re okay for right this moment. That may chance next week. Unfortunately, we don’t have a very large storage space, so while we could use more donations, we don’t have the room right now for more donations,” Louk said.

During the raid, a humane agent was bit by one of the cats. She was also having breathing issues due to the ammonia in the house.

The agent was rushed to the hospital, but First News is told she’s back to work now.

“But unfortunately this is something that we deal with,” Louk said.

Animal Charity is also asking for respirators for their agents.

A few firefighters were also reported bitten by some of the cats and there is no word on their condition, but Louk sends her thanks to everyone involved.

“We probably could not have done what we did in the time frame that we did without them,” she said. “When you’re trying to get 97 cats out of a house that’s in pretty bad condition, that’s a pretty huge undertaking.”

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