Animal Charity in danger of closing unless it gets a full-time vet

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Since January when the vets left, revenues at the Boardman clinic have fallen off dramatically

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Directors with Animal Charity in Boardman worry they may have to close by this time next year unless they get some help.

“As cliche as it sounds, we’re just really hoping for some type of miracle at the end of the year,” said Mary Louk, board president.

All Animal Charity wants for Christmas is a full-time veterinarian.

“It’s just all the way around, 2019’s just been a very difficult year,” Louk said.

The facility on Market Street houses upwards of 60 or 70 dogs and 40 or 50 cats each week. There hasn’t been a full-time vet in nearly a year.

Louk said four years ago when the agency had a full-time vet and two part-timers on staff, the in-house animal clinic brought in $600,000.

While that decreased a bit last year, since January when the vets left, clinic revenues have fallen off dramatically.

“We will not make it through 2020 in this situation if we do not obtain another vet and/or get a very large amount of support from the community,” Louk said.

On top of that, Animal Charity spent $30,000 to $40,000 sending animals to outside vets.

“It becomes a really circular issue, all coming back to the vet — not being able to get a vet,” Louk said.

She said it’s not for a lack of trying, saying she’s taken to advertising online and even directly emailing vets outside of the area. No one’s been interested.

“Yeah, we definitely heard ‘I’m not coming back to Ohio’ as a couple of the answers.”

Louk said a new vet would allow the agency to reopen its clinic and start bringing in revenue.

“We’ve cut as much staff as we can, however, we’re probably going to have to make deeper cuts.”

For now, Louk is looking ahead to a big fundraiser in March and hoping for a miracle.

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